DIA-CORE will produce the following key outputs:

  • An interactive and web-based database on key input parameters for policy implementation and assessed performance of existing and planned policies by MS for RES in all three energy sectors, monitoring the effectiveness (incl. progress towards target achievement) and the cost effectiveness of RES policies by country with technology-specifics including.
    • Ex-post and short-term forward looking analysis of RES policy options through a comprehensive set of performance indicators.
    • Prospective modelling to indicate the need for corrective action for 2020 RES target achievement.
  • A comprehensive assessment of costs and benefits of RES today and in the future (2020, 2030), including impacts from a system perspective (generation cost, externalities), distributional effects (policy costs incl. market values and merit order effects) and macro-economic impacts (employment induced, avoidance of imports). Awareness on costs and benefits of RES policy and deployment will increase transparency in the policy debate, indicate impacts of future policy options and may foster public acceptance.
  • Targeted solutions for cooperation and coordination, including a transparency platform on feasible approaches and key input parameters for determining remuneration of RES technologies and approaches for coordinating national instruments. The intensification of policy coordination across the EU contributes to efficient resource exploitation and more balanced RES deployment across MSs.
  • An interactive policy dialogue with key stakeholders at EU and national level based on a series of topical workshops and continuous involvement of key decision makers. An up-to-date information platform and scientific knowledge base on RES support policy performance in EU MSs will be established. Workshops, conferences and the use of social media will be used to set up the policy dialogue. Thus, we plan to contribute to an informed policy and decision making processes and increase RES policy acceptance of the involved stakeholders.
  • A fine-tailored DIA-CORE policy package, consisting of targeted recommendations on key RES policy priorities. Among other this shall facilitate the further design optimisation of support instruments and allow for proactive risk mitigation. A more targeted policy actions focused on the national and European priorities lead to a substantial improvement of policy performance.